Confessions of a Seeker

Adventures in Spirituality, Therapy and Belief

Richard’s new book about his thirty years of seeking is now available from Amazon at a cost of £10.50 ($ and € prices available from the relevant Amazon sites.)

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To give you an idea of what the book is about, here is the description from the back cover:-

Is monotheism humankind’s second worst idea? Would you really want to meet your dharmic partner? Does free will exist? Is the too much examined life not worth living? How would you remove a curse from a dead Tibetan lama? What is consciousness? And why won’t the vicar let us use his church hall? 

‘Confessions of a Seeker’ is an account of several decades spent searching for “ultimate truth” through Eastern spiritual paths and Western psychotherapeutic practices, as well as through sex, drugs and large quantities of coffee. It ranges from adventures with gurus, therapists, lamas, psychics, and amiable hippies who fear that tap water might kill them, to clear-eyed critiques of the depredations of organised religions. It also addresses more philosophical issues such as free will and the nature of consciousness.

“Tricia has been spreading the worst rumour about me that she has been able to concoct. But it is not that I roast and eat babies on the Sabbath, nor that I dance naked with the devil and consort with his minions. It is that I am that most dangerous of all people ………. a Buddhist!”

“Past life regression has become popular amongst the faintly hippy spiritually inclined seekers of whom I am one.” 

“My view is that the world would be a better place if the Pope commanded his Cardinals to distribute lorry loads of free condoms to the Catholic faithful.”

“I have cleaned toilets and swept floors on three continents. I am not boasting. This is simply a statement of fact.” 

Richard Sylvester has written five books, including ‘I Hope You Die Soon’ and ‘Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers’.