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Richard’s newest book is ‘Confessions of a Seeker, Adventures in Spirituality, Therapy and Belief’. For more information, please click here 

Richard’s latest book on Non-Duality is ‘Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers’ (330 pages £12.99, Kindle edition £7.26). To read extracts, please go to

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You can purchase Richard’s books on Non-Duality from Nonduality Press or from Amazon sites. 

‘Drink Tea, Eat Cake’ (286 pages £12.45)

(Please note:- ‘Drink Tea, Eat Cake’ is currently out of print. If you are having difficulty obtaining a copy, please e-mail 

Extracts from Drink Tea, Eat Cake

The Book of No One (242 pages £13.45 or e-book £4.75)

Extracts from The Book Of No One

I Hope You Die Soon (117 pages £8 or e-book £3.25)

Extracts from I Hope You Die Soon


I Hope You Die Soon is also available in German as

‘Erleuchtet – und was jetzt?’

and in French as 

‘J’espere Que Vous Allez Mourir Bientot’

and in Spanish as

Espero Que Mueras Pronto.

It is also available in Japanese.

The Book Of No One is available in German as

‘Das Buch Neimand’.

Drink Tea, Eat Cake is available in German as

‘Wer braucht eigentlich Nirwana?’

Non-Duality Questions, Non-Duality Answers is available in Dutch as

‘Non-Dualisme In Vraag En Antwoord’ 

For more information go to